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Frequently Asked Nursery Rocking Chair Questions

Complete Your Nursery with Nursery Rocking Chairs & Gliders

Whether you need a cozy place to feed your little one or a soothing spot to lull them back to sleep, nothing beats a nursery rocking chair. The size and style you choose depend on the rest of your nursery furniture and nursery decor, but each of our Ashley options is comfortable enough to help a mom, dad, or other caregivers feel snug and serene, too.

Types of Nursery Chairs

While families years ago might have used a wooden rocking chair for the nursery, a modern nursery rocking chair has a sturdier frame and upholstery to provide much-needed cushion and support.

A nursery rocking chair recliner can combine a swivel and smooth rocking or gliding movements, plus a built-in easy-pull tab to stretch out your legs when needed.

A nursery glider can also include a swivel that glides forward and backward instead of a rocking motion.

Even a traditional nursery rocking chair has updated features, such as felt strips on the base of the rockers to protect flooring, durable construction, and adjustable lumbar cushions.

To make things a little easier on busy families, these types of nursery chairs also include high-performance fabrics that repel water and resist stains.

The Best Chairs for Nursing

The best rocking chair for the nursery can also become an ideal nursing chair if it enables Mom to find the perfect position. Consider styles with a wide backrest, comfortable armrests, features such as lumbar pillows, and the ability for Mom to put up her feet.

Although a recliner helps save space, some moms find an upholstered nursery rocking chair with an ottoman more versatile. Besides offering seating flexibility, a storage ottoman gives her a place to tuck away a soft blanket or throw, nursing supplies, and baby toys.

Nursery Seating Styles to Reflect Your Aesthetic

Whether your taste leans toward the classic or the contemporary, you can find a nursery rocking chair that blends in seamlessly.

Look for rounded backs, curved armrests, and smooth contours for a classic or traditional style. For a more modern look, select a nursery rocking chair with a square or streamlined silhouette or with detailing such as elegant welt trim.

As for colors, choose neutral shades that can transition to another room of the house as your child grows. For instance, a grey rocking chair for the nursery in light dove or mist gray or darker shades such as charcoal or shadow can easily become a favorite place to curl up with a book or recharge in the family room or bedroom.