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Frequently Asked Halloween Decorations Questions

Halloween Decor to Celebrate Spooky Season

Fall is here, and it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween plans! This refreshingly cool season has many joys, and decorating your home is among them. No matter how you celebrate Halloween, our lively selection of Halloween decor will easily fit into your home.

Indoor Halloween Decorations for the Entire Home

If you have some spooky Halloween plans, Ashley has all the interior and exterior decorative pieces you need to bring out the fun. We have Halloween-themed lights, bookshelf accents, decorative pumpkins, fiber optic trees, wall signs, and so much more to fulfill your Halloween vision. Check out Ashley’s large variety of chilling accessories and outdoor Halloween decor right now, and stock up on all your favorites.

Get Spooky With Halloween Decorations

When you want to bring some awesome Halloween decorating ideas to life, you need a combination of indoor and outdoor decor. We recommend that you start with your home’s exterior and then work your way indoors. Real and faux pumpkins, purple lights, black garlands, orange wreaths, skeletons, and a spooky welcome mat make for frightfully delightful porch and outdoor embellishments. If you have any large inflatable witches or projector lights, then these can also make a stunning first impression on your visitors.

Then, move the party inside by using corresponding colors and themes from your outside setup. Mummies, miniature haunted houses, and dripping candles create a beautiful, spooky indoor ambiance. Wall art, decals, and seasonal scents from a plug-in or candle spruce things up too. We also just love how Halloween lanterns and candleholders offer that finishing touch to any side table or lonely candle that needs a touch of glam.

When Should Halloween Decorations Be Put Up?

The most popular time to decorate for Halloween is during the first two weeks of October. But this is up to your personal preference. Some people like to start at the end of September, while others believe that Halloween decorations are for any day of the year! If you want to stay within seasonal expectations though, wait until you feel the first blast of cool fall air to break out your Halloween decor. Then, you’ll know that it’s time to switch out your summer cabana decor in exchange for Halloween pillows and throw blankets!

How to Decorate for Halloween?

When you decorate for Halloween, simply follow your heart. With such a variety of decorations available, you have the freedom to go as simple or decadent as you want every year. For example, just a few pumpkins and garlands can be more than enough if you want to keep things simple. Or, you can put a deluxe display on your fireplace mantel. Use black and white candlesticks of varying heights, glittering skulls, pumpkins in different shades and sizes, and sparkly garland. Find spooky, cute wall art to display as a centerpiece on your wall or mantel to top it all off!