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Frequently Asked Thanksgiving Wall Decor Questions

Decorate Your Walls for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving table decor often takes center stage this time of year, but there’s no reason to confine your creativity to just the kitchen or the dining table. Thanksgiving wall decor allows you to bring a festive ambiance to your entire home in a way that suits your personality and your style.

It doesn’t have to be as obvious as a collage of pumpkins, either. Artwork that emphasizes accents of amber, gold, russet, and copper can provide sparkle and warmth all autumn long. Accent mirrors are another popular wall decor option. They reflect natural light, making any space feel brighter — a sunny perk as colder weather approaches.

Create a Thanksgiving Wall With Decor to Match Your Style

Whether you like an easygoing rustic or farmhouse vibe or more contemporary chic flair, you’ll find a wealth of Thanksgiving essentials (/c/fall/thanksgiving/), including Thanksgiving wall decorations, on our website and at a store near you.

Here are just a few Thanksgiving wall decoration ideas that you can adapt as you like.
  • Canvas art: A large floral print with antique hues of orange, mustard, sienna, and white play up the seasonal colors just as well as a free-flowing abstract piece with flecks of gold.
  • Metallic art: A three-piece set of wall panels featuring large magnolia flowers cues up autumn feelings when brushed in goldtone and brown metallic hues. Likewise, other metallic displays featuring bronze cutouts make a striking conversation piece that can last throughout the season without seeming outdated.
  • Typographical art: Wooden plaques depicting seasonal foliage and simple sayings of thankfulness have an understated yet evergreen appeal.
  • Food-centric art: With Thanksgiving dinner on everyone’s minds, food-related art whimsically helps prep your guests for the feast to come — and can appeal to foodies year-round, too. Imagine a wall-mount cork holder for a wine lover’s changing display or a large set of vintage utensils that welcome a hearty appetite.
  • Mirrors: A dramatic freestanding mirror framed like a cathedral window breathes energy into any space but feels especially festive reflecting candles or natural light. Yet even a smaller design such as an accent mirror with a starburst frame can heighten the fall atmosphere when displayed near a golden array of sunflowers.
  • Wreaths: Thanksgiving wreaths don’t just bring cheer to your door. Hang one above the mantel or on a display wall in the living room or dining room as a worry-free floral arrangement. Choose from a dazzling array of fall leaves, or look for combinations of grape leaves and eucalyptus, pine cones, and pomegranates or flowers such as hydrangea, mums, and dahlias for seasonal colors and visual texture.