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Frequently Asked Thanksgiving Wreaths, Flowers & Garlands Questions

Enhance Your Thanksgiving Decor With Wreaths, Flowers & Garlands

When autumn rolls around,Thanksgiving outdoor decor extends the season’s warmth to everyone who drops by, whether it’s for a feast, a casual brunch, or a moment to catch up over coffee. Shades of gold, crimson, orange, brown, green, and purple blend with accents of pine cones, berries, and pumpkins to salute the season’s natural beauty, and it all starts with a Thanksgiving wreath on your door.

Let Ashley’s selection of Thanksgiving wreath ideas and other artificial Thanksgiving flowers bring texture, depth, and seasonal flair to your door, an accent wall, or the bounty of the dining table.

When to Decorate Your Front Door for Thanksgiving

If you choose a wreath with fall-centric florals such as hydrangeas, peonies, sunflowers, pumpkins, or berries, you can leave it up throughout the autumn months — but what’s the fun in the same look for the whole season?

We find that Thanksgiving wreaths for the front door appear most welcoming right after Halloween when the black, white, and orange hues of that holiday are tucked away until the following year. If you’re watching your budget, you can always select a gorgeous fall wreath, such as a simple but elegant arrangement of pine cones and berries to display come September, swap it out for something more whimsical and specific to Halloween, then return it to the front door after the trick-or-treaters leave.

Flower Arrangements & Centerpiece Decorations for Thanksgiving

Fall floral arrangements and centerpieces are Thanksgiving essentials that help infuse your home with the season’s spirit, just like the smell of fresh apple or pumpkin pie.

Looking for Thanksgiving flowers? Dahlias and mums come into season in the fall, with lush reds and yellows that are truly stunning. Even white blooms pop brighter this time of year when set against pine cones, berries, and other seasonal delights.

How about Thanksgiving wreath ideas? A grouping of harvest maple leaves dotted with pomegranates is one way to trim out your door featuring a palette of muted green, gold, orange, and red. For more variety, a swirl of relaxed hydrangeas and sunflowers provides a gentle splash of purple, inviting contrast. An arrangement of dusty evergreens offers a handsome backdrop for fiery hydrangeas, peonies, and dark brown branches.

Don’t feel as if you have to focus solely on flowers, though. Take a page from nature’s decorating style and deck out your home with gorgeous displays centered around leaves. Intricate magnolia leaves make simple sprays of berries look modern and chic. Intertwined curvy eucalyptus and sculpted grape leaves evoke a radiant feeling of abundance.

Whether you prefer a relaxed rustic look or contemporary elegance, check out more of Ashley’s offerings online or at a store near you for more Thanksgiving wreaths tips & tricks to inspire your creative side.