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Frequently Asked Bedroom Furniture Storage Questions

Bedroom Storage by Ashley

Prep your bedroom for optimum style and functionality with our bedroom storage picks. From dressers, media chests and bedroom benches , Ashley’s got the polished look that will keep everything you need safely tucked away. You’ll not only have a spot for your flatscreen, but you’ll also have the option on some chests for a fireplace insert so you can add ambiance and a warm glow to your room anytime.

What Type of Bedroom Storage Works Best for My Style?

Storage and organization doesn’t have to be complicated! If you can’t fit bedroom storage cabinets or something bigger in your space, there are plenty of decorative boxes, wall shelves and baskets that will house your keepsakes! Plus, storage beds have become ultra popular solutions for easy drawer access to everyday items you need. Most types have drawers on the sides or footboard, so you’re always ready to stay organized.

What Kind of Materials Should I Look for in Bedroom Storage?

Depending on what items you wish to store, canvas, wood or even metal containers are perfect since they can easily blend into a variety of styles if you ever want to change up your theme or decor. Our small master bedroom design ideas encourage whites and light neutrals so you can keep your space open and airy – and the same can be said for your storage pieces.

What Should I Store in My Bedroom Versus Another Room?

Anything you feel you’ll need to grab while in your bedroom – including clothes, accessories and shoes – are your go-tos when storing, while seasonal items and general things should be placed in other rooms such as the garage or attic. This is especially true if you’re seeking storage for small bedrooms because every inch of your room counts and can be used.