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Frequently Asked Living Room Accent Chairs Questions

Living Room Accent Chairs

When you want to add a little extra color or style to your living room, accent chairs are the perfect pick. Accent chairs for the living room often feature fun patterns, bold colors, or unique styles. That allows them to become an eye-catching addition to your home. If you're considering adding accent chairs to your living room, you might have questions about how you pair accent chairs with other sofas and couches, or what color is the right pick for your home. We're here to help with answers to all your most frequently asked living room accent chair questions.

Accent Chairs: The Basics

Before diving into details about picking out accent chairs, it's important to understand how accent chairs are meant to be used in the home. One of the common questions around the use of accent chairs is, "Can you mix chairs in a living room?". The answer is yes; you can mix living room chairs, creating a beautiful use of accent chairs, sofas, and loveseats. With so many styles of chairs for the living room to pick from, the key is to make sure that your designs are cohesive. Living room accent chairs are meant to introduce an interesting element to the space. For this reason, they're usually not used as your primary seating space but rather as an addition to your seating area.

Choosing an Accent Chair Color

When browsing the variety of accent chairs available, you might wonder, "How do you choose an accent color for a chair?" To choose the right color for your living room, consider the other furniture in the room as well as the overall color palette. If you want a subtle look, choose an accent chair one shade lighter or darker than your primary living room color. You can always opt for a unique style of chair to create an added element of style without overwhelming the space. If you want a bold touch, opt for a bright color that will complement your living room palette. You can think of your accent chair as similar to accent walls or trim work. You want to use the chair to provide depth to the space without contrasting current colors.

How to Mix & Match Accent Chairs?

As you pick out accent chairs for your living room, don't be afraid to mix and match multiple pieces. If you're asking yourself, "Do accent chairs have to match in the living room?" the answer is no. The beauty of accent chairs is that they are crafted to be incredibly unique pieces.

Where to Place Your New Accent Chair?

Now that you've picked out an accent chair, you need to know: Where do you put an accent chair in a living room? The following are all options for accent chair placement:
  • In an empty corner
  • In an empty corner
  • By a fireplace
  • Across from a large couch
  • Paired with a footrest
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