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Frequently Asked Loveseats Questions

Loveseats by Ashley

From the latest styles of loveseats to durable engineered wood tv stands, Ashley combines the latest trends with technology to give you the very best living room furniture. With unmatched prices and quality, we're your one-stop destination for a comfortable loveseat, decor and accents.

How Wide is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are sofas made to seat one or two people comfortably and do not have a specific set of dimensions. Generally, they range between 45 to 72 inches wide. This spectrum of sizes gives furniture shoppers a variety of options of seating that corresponds to their living space. Learn more with our Sofa Designs and Style Guide on our blog.

How Many Pillows Go on a Loveseat?

Accent pillows are the perfect way to us color and pattern to show off your design sensibilities. When arranging your loveseat throw pillows, there are several ways that you can create an interesting visual vignette. As a classic arrangement, you can place two square throw pillows at each arm of your loveseat to create a balanced, symmetrical design. If you want an even simpler arrangement, you can place one lumbar pillow at the center of the loveseat. Maximalists can opt for an asymmetrical pillow arrangement by placing two pillows on one arm of their loveseat and one pillow on the opposite arm.

What Type of Loveseat Matches My Style?

From the clean minimalism of mid-century modern to the bold textures of traditional, there are many types of loveseats designed in a spectrum of styles to suit all types of interiors. If you're rustic, choose a loveseat in a rich, dark brown leather and nailhead trim. If traditional styles are more your taste, a classic crisp white living room loveseat with rolled arms are a great option. Lovers of French country look no further than a vintage-inspired loveseat and sofa set made with a thoughtful herringbone upholstery. Whatever your aesthetic, Ashley has a loveseat that will add sophistication and style to your living room.