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Frequently Asked Recliners Questions


Ashley has everything for your home, from furniture to decor. We’re always on par with the latest styles and trends, from sleek, modern pieces to traditional, simple looks. Whether you’re looking for entertainment centers or end and side tables we’ll have something to match your needs and budget every time. Your home should be your haven. We strive to make designing as enjoyable and seamless as possible. Much of our free time at home is spent in the living room, bonding with family and binging our favorite TV series. Why not make it the coziest space in your home? At Ashley, we’ve got you covered with recliners as well as sofas and couches to make your living room the ideal space to relax and unwind after a long day.

What to Look for When Buying a Recliner?

When shopping for a new recliner, always consider quality and comfort — but never compromise on style! Your new recliner sofa should complement your personality while delivering the highest level of relaxation. A quality recliner is a perfect addition to any family room. But not just for style benefits. A reclining loveseat or chair reduces back pain, improves mobility, and relieves pressure from your muscles and joints. So many options for recliners are available depending on your comfort preferences. You can lay flat, swivel, rock, or all of the above.

Comfortable Recliners You’ll Love

Ashley’s reclining sofas and chairs never fall short of style or comfort. Our best-selling Composer Dual Power Recliner will make your living room feel like an upscale home theater. Enjoy the best view in the house with the adjustable Easy View™ headrest, and add to that theater feel with the ambient LED lighting illuminating the cupholders and base. If you prefer simplicity that still stands out, our Bolzano Manual Rocker Recliner offers a sleek look with a padded, micro-fiber cover that adds the highest level of coziness. Its scaled-down size makes it ideal for small spaces, with no need to settle for lack of comfort.

Sit Back and Relax With a Reclining Chair

Wondering which recliner style is best for you? Ashley has dozens of recliner chairs and sofas to fit any occasion. Whether you want to surprise Dad with a reclining chair or find a reclining sectional for the whole family to relax in style, Ashley is sure to deliver. Shop our recliners at unbelievable prices, and make your living room a space for unmatched comfort and unforgettable memories.