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Frequently Asked Closet System Questions

Closet Systems by Ashley HomeStore

Ashley's closet systems add order back to your clothing. When it comes to managing a messy wardrobe, these things are lifesavers. Imagine how serene you’ll feel when you look at rows of perfectly lined-up shoes, color-coded dresses, and uniformly-folded sweaters!

What is the best closet system?

The best closet organizer systems are the ones that have the right amount of closet shelves , hanging space, and drawers for your needs. Someone with more dresses than jeans might opt for more rods, but someone with a large shoe collection might prefer extra shoe racks . Do a detailed inventory of your closet to figure out which system works best for you.

Does a custom closet add value to your home?

Custom closet systems are one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. Future buyers will see the closets as move-in ready, and they’ll imagine how their own clothes would look in there. Add to the appeal by matching the aesthetic of the room—use wood closet systems for a homier look, or try metal closet systems for something sleeker.