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Closet Accessories by Ashley HomeStore

Do you have a cringe-worthy closet? The kind that is a black hole of shoes, purses, clothes, and disorganization? Cringe no more—Ashley HomeStore has the closet accessories you need to become the master of your closet domain!


Closet Accessories: Luggage Racks, LED Lights, & More

The first lesson in closet management begins with lighting . An LED closet light allows you to quickly assess all the items stored in your closet, so you aren’t stumbling in the dark searching for what you need. And speaking of stumbling, don’t trip over that suitcase! A luggage rack will keep your suitcases neatly and safely out of the way.


Shop Closet Essentials & Accessories at Ashley HomeStore

Functional closet accessories help fine-tune your closet setup. Clothing connoisseurs will love Ashley HomeStore’s variety of closet hangers: contemporary plastic and rubber hangers for everyday clothes, maple hangers to keep suits safe, and even accessory hangers for belts, scarves, and ties! Other great closet organizer accessories include a variety of storage boxes  in different shapes and sizes, closet shelf dividers, and vacuum storage bags to stow items neatly and compactly.


Ashley HomeStore Keeps Closet Chaos Under Control

So there’s a lot of closet accessories, but how do you determine which work best for your particular closet? Start by clearing out clutter and donating clothing you don’t wear. This will cut down on your workload and keep you from feeling overwhelmed before you start. When you’re done decluttering, assess your available space and order the Ashley HomeStore closet accessories that will help you in your quest for ultimate organization. And don’t worry if your closet is on the smaller side! Ashley HomeStore carries both reach-in and walk in closet accessories to maximize the space in every closet.