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Frequently Asked Clothing Rack & Portable Closet Questions

Clothing Racks & Portable Closets by Ashley HomeStore

Have you been cursed with a small closet? Older homes are especially notorious for having closets only big enough for a couple of days’ worth of outfits. You might even find yourself looking for the trap door that leads to the rest of the closet. Instead, adding some well-placed storage clothing racks might be all you need to do.

What is a portable closet?

A portable closet is just that—portable! It’s usually on casters to make it easier to move it around. Portable closets are a great way to maximize your closet space because you can set them up in an unused corner of the bedroom. Or if you have a walk-in closet, portable closets can wheel inside the middle area when not in use.

How do you hang clothes without a rack?

If your closet doesn’t have closet clothing racks, there are other solutions available. Freestanding clothing racks come with rods for hanging clothes and shelves for shoes or storage. A freestanding wardrobe is another option, especially for storing seasonal clothing.