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Frequently Asked Portable Closet Questions

Are Portable Wardrobes Durable?

Yes, a portable wardrobe closet is very durable. Even though they’re meant to be moved around, they’re made of strong materials that can hold up to wear. For example, a common type of portable closet material used is metal. Metal is known for withstanding the wear and tear of everyday use while providing a neutral silver finish. Metal can also hold a lot of weight — perfect for fashionistas without a ton of built-in space.

How Should I Place a Portable Closet?

Don’t have a closet in your bedroom? There’s no need to stress. A portable storage closet is the ultimate solution. It basically acts as a closet you can install anywhere — no demo required. Put a portable clothes closet in the corner of a room to provide a place to hang clothes and accessories. These closet systems are often smaller than large dressers and are a much better way to prevent wrinkles than throwing your clothes in drawers.

How Much Weight Can a Portable Closet Hold?

How much weight a portable closet can hold depends on what it’s made out of and how big it is. Metal units are typically the strongest, especially heavy-duty steel. Additionally, a smaller portable shoe organizer is going to be designed to hold less than a large portable closet with shelves. That said, a typical heavy-duty portable closet made of metal usually has a total weight capacity of somewhere around 500 pounds. Keep in mind, each part of the closet might have its own weight limit. For example, hanging rods, closet shelves, and sidebars might have individual capacities, so check the model you’re looking at before buying.

How Do You Build a Closet in a Room Without One?

We have a secret — you don’t need to do any remodeling to get a great closet for hanging your clothes. All you need is a portable closet with a cover to create the illusion that you’ve spent thousands remodeling your space. These standalone units are easy to put together, not to mention easy to move around. For example, you can guide a portable closet on wheels around to every corner of your room to see where it looks best, without a heavy-lifting crew. You can also find a portable closet with doors to further play with the illusion that you’ve created a permanent fixture in your room.