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Frequently Asked Wall Clocks Questions

Wall Clocks by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Overlooked, empty walls are the perfect places to hang wall clocks. They dress up an otherwise forgotten wall into a space that serves a purpose for you and your whole family. With a wide variety of styles that run the gamut from rustic to industrial, Ashley HomeStore’s selection of wall clocks can’t be beat in terms of selection, styles and price.

Where to Hang a Wall Clock?
When hanging a clock, think of placements where you would usually find wall hangings and decor. So, placements like along an entryway, a hallway, above a sofa, on the mantle of a fireplace, in the dining room and along a staircase. Large wall clocks are minimalistic and are low-maintenance pieces of decor — hang them up and forget about them for years since they are timeless and forever in-style! For more ideas, tips and tricks on hanging wall decor check out this helpful guide!

Ways to Hang a Wall Clock?
While there are no rules when it comes to decor, you can hang your decorative wall clocks in a couple of foolproof compositions. Small and medium-sized pieces can be added into a gallery layout to add variety in shapes or ground the layout. These gallery-style compositions are perfect ways to dress up walls in a home office or a drab hallway. If you love to have bold pieces that catch guest's attention, hang one large clock alone on a wall that’s above a side table or buffet for a balanced yet striking look.

Unique Wall Clocks for Your Style?
Clocks can elicit images of tradition and European grandeur, but these days table clocks and wall clocks come with numerous styles of faces and material that make up the clock itself. Farmhouse clocks come in driftwood and reclaimed wood styles that look as if the pieces were ripped out of a barnyard door. Modernists will be happy to find an oversized wall clock with clean lines and simple embellishments. Whatever your style, Ashley HomeStore has a clock that’s right for you.