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How to Make Kids’ Rooms More Fun with Whimsical Bedroom Furniture

For kids, growing up should be an adventure. Help make their childhood that much more special when you fill their room with whimsical kids’ furniture. These types of pieces transform an ordinary bedroom into a magical oasis. Your child will feel like a fairy king or queen as they play, sleep, and dream in their enchanted space.

So what makes furniture whimsical? Typically, this type of furniture offers soft, inspiring colors — like white — paired with intricate detailing. As an example, many pieces include decorative motifs etched into the wood, faux crystal knobs, and aged hardware to make it feel like it’s been hand-forged in a mystical land. Scalloped edging and ornamental fluted posts are also common.

This is What Every Kid Needs in Their Whimsical Bedroom

When it comes to buying kids’ whimsical bedroom furniture, you can either buy a complete kids' bedroom set or just buy pieces separately. Either way, the main things you’ll want to make sure you have for your child are a bed, dresser, nightstand, and bookshelf or storage cubby.

When it comes to kids’ beds you can choose styles with canopies to really help your little one feel like royalty. Or, choose a poster bed with a tufted design for a truly comfortable night’s sleep.

As far as kids’ dressers and nightstands go, size is most important here. Choose a size that can accommodate all of their items — especially if they’re a fan of playing dress-up in their whimsical bedroom. Many of these pieces come in colorful accents that can add a nice pop of color.

Finally, kids’ storage cubbies and bookshelves are the perfect way to encourage imagination. They can fill the shelves with their favorite stories and easily grab them any time they want to enter a new world.

Top Things to Put in Your Child's Whimsical Bedroom

Once you’re all done finding the perfect kids’ whimsical furniture, it’s time to start thinking about décor! Kids’ whimsical décor is all about bringing the vision to life, so don’t be afraid to go big and bold. Colorful floral prints or fairy-tale-themed kids’ bedding is a must — as are matching accent pillows. Don’t forget about sheer curtains or canopies for draping over the bed and nearby windows.

Table lamps with a soft and inviting glow add an ethereal light come bedtime, as do string lights draped around the dresser and bed. As a final touch, consider a soft and luxurious kids’ rug — perhaps made out of faux fur — to complete the charming look.

When you’re looking for whimsical kids’ furniture for sale, Ashley needs to be your first stop. We have all the pieces you need to help your little one make their dreams come to life.