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Frequently Asked Questions

Vanity Lighting by Ashley
From the latest styles of bedroom furniture to vanity lights, Ashley combines the latest trends with technology to give you the very best for your home. With unmatched prices and quality, we’re your one-stop destination for furniture, home accents and more!

How Far Above a Mirror Should Vanity Lights Be?
If you’re looking to place bathroom vanity lights above your mirror, you want to make sure they are at least eye-height, but since everyone is different, the standard is about 65-70 inches from the floor. If you have to install more than one light, ensure that they are 36-40 inches apart. If they’re too far apart it might create shadows and dark spots around your bathroom so mark your walls with tape before you drill. If your bathroom is narrow and doesn’t provide a lot of space, an over-mirror light or a light bar is a great option. If possible install your light bars before your mirror because the mirror can affect your measurements. If your mirror is already installed, simply adjust the height of your over-mirror light based on the positioning of the mirror.

What Size Light Fixture is Best Over a Bathroom Vanity?
Like most bathroom fixtures and furniture, base your lighting off of your bathroom vanities. The vanity is a major piece of furniture that grounds the entire bathroom. So, if you want to install a vanity light bar, make sure to choose a light that is no wider than your vanity, but it can be wider than your bathroom mirrors. For sconces, the height varies depending on the size of your bathroom. Homeowners who have an average-size bathroom should use 15-18-inch sconces. Smaller bathrooms can use 12-inch sconces or less. In larger bathrooms consider sconces that are 19 inches or taller. .

How Many Watts for Vanity Lighting?
Vanity light fixtures are very important when you’re applying make-up, grooming, looking at your clothes, or going through your bathroom storage. The general guideline is to ensure that each vanity light contain at least 150 watts – this will give you 24 inches of even lighting throughout your space. Learn the 4 Ways Lighting Can Make Or Break Your Space with this guide on our blog.