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Frequently Asked Bed Foundation Questions

You spend a significant chunk of your life sleeping, so why not make your bed the comfiest, most relaxing haven it can be? At Ashley, our wide selection of top-quality mattresses, bed foundations, headboards, and bedroom furniture and accessories makes it easy to create a sleeping space you can’t get enough of.

What Is a Bed Foundation?

A foundation for a bed is a supportive base that lifts a mattress off the ground, helps distribute weight evenly, and helps prevent premature wear and tear. It features a solid surface with wooden planking that the mattress sits on top of within the bed frame.

Do You Need a Bed Foundation?

No matter what kind of mattress you have, you should use some form of bed foundation with it to help minimize unnecessary wear and tear and provide support as you sleep. Some mattresses are designed to be used with a specific type of foundation, while others can be used with your choice of foundation or box spring. A quality mattress protector can also help prevent stains, prolong the life of your mattress, and keep its warranty intact.

Bed Foundation vs. Box Spring

Bed foundations and box springs might look similar, but their construction sets them apart. A foundation features a wood or metal frame with a series of horizontal slats that provide support for the mattress that sits on top. A box spring also features a frame — which is typically fashioned from wood — but instead of horizontal slats, it contains steel springs.

Generally, foundations provide a firmer sleeping surface due to their solid construction, while box springs have a bit more give due to their inner springs.

Is a Bed Foundation the Same as a Bed Frame?

No, a bed frame foundation and a bed frame are two separate pieces designed to be used together. A bed foundation provides support for the mattress, while the bed frame houses both the foundation (or box spring) and the mattress. Platform beds are unique in that they feature a series of slats that function just like a foundation or box spring. These types of beds serve as both the foundation and the frame.

How Important Is a Bed Foundation?

Mattress foundations are essential for several types of mattresses because they help minimize wear and tear by supporting the mattresses’ structure and distributing body weight evenly. What’s more, many mattress manufacturers stipulate that their products must be used with quality foundations. Falling to use a supportive box spring or foundation for your bed can damage it and ultimately void your mattress’s warranty.

Can You Use a Mattress Without a Foundation?

Some Ashley Sleep mattresses can be used without a foundation, but only if they’re situated on a platform bed that doesn’t require a box spring or foundation. Like box springs and bed foundations, platform beds provide support for the mattress and help distribute sleepers’ weight evenly. Usually, these types of beds feature a series of wooden slats that run horizontally across the bed, which serve the same purpose as a traditional foundation.