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Frequently Asked Sealy Questions

Sealy at Ashley Furniture HomeStore
With a range of sizes and types, a Sealy mattress from Ashley Furniture HomeStore is the perfect bed if you want undisturbed sleep and peace of mind. These best selling, trusted mattresses give you exceptional comfort and support, ensuring that your body is cradled without sinking. Rest easy knowing that you’ll find the mattress of your dreams that beats the competition in terms of comfort and price.

Tight Top Mattress vs. Pillow Top Mattress?
When shopping for mattresses, you have to make sure you’re picking the right type of padding. This makes sure that your bed is comfortable enough for your body and conforms to your shape. A tight top mattress doesn’t have additional padding on the outermost layer, making them feel a little less plush compared to a pillow top. A mattress with pillow top padding has a gusset of plush foam that provides additional comfort and support. If you’re in the market for a new Sealy queen mattress you can find one in a variety of mattresses padding styles that range from tight top to pillow top. To make sure your protecting your bed’s precious pillow top layer, make sure to invest in a good mattress protector. If you want to get more know-how on mattresses, check out this helpful guide.

How Often Should a Mattress Be Rotated?
If you’re not rotating your mattress then you’re seriously reducing its lifespan. While you should always follow the recommendations from your mattress brand, rotating your mattress is an important task that helps it retain its shape and recover from prolonged use. Rotation ensures that the most-used areas have time to snap back, preventing sagging and dipping. The general process is to remove pillows and bedding and rotate your mattress 180 degrees every three months to once a year. Using these guidelines, you can rotate as much as you’d like depending on how much weight and stress you put on your mattress.

Is a Box Spring Necessary?
As a good rule, you should always defer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on what type of foundation or base is recommended for the make and model of your mattress. Because of constant sleep innovation, today’s mattresses are made to be used on a number of bases such as box springs, box foundations, adjustable foundations, platform beds, slatted bases and even the floor. However, box springs were made for double-sided mattresses that needed to be flipped to create even wear. A Sealy hybrid mattress, for example, is one-sided and doesn’t need to be flipped. While it can still be used on a box spring, you can lay it on any hard, flat surface that is supportive and sturdy enough to hold it. So be sure to read Sealy’s guidelines before purchasing a new box spring or other type of Sealy foundation.