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Frequently Asked Doormat Questions

Doormats Lighting by Ashley
Before answering the door, say hello (and goodbye, when the time comes) with a doormat that’s equal parts welcoming and stylish. Doormats minimize tracked dirt from getting into the house, while also adding style in a subtle way. A clear expression of your personality, these rugs can be chic, funny, or a blend of both—it’s all up to personal preference. While the most common area to place doormats are as entryway rugs coming into a home, as outdoor patio mats, or even in the kitchen where high traffic is imminent, there’s an infinite number of places a doormat can live; you’re only limited by your imagination and practicality needs.

At Ashley, we simplify the process of keeping your home neat, tidy, and stylish. So go ahead—make the grand entrance of your dreams, even if you’re not yet in your dream home.

What Unique Styling Options are There?
A life with laughter is a life well spent, so why not inject some humor onto your doormat? Funny door mats not only lighten the mood coming into your home, but help you leave with a smile, as well. For a frequent party planner, a jesting phrase such as “If you forgot the wine go home,” is sure to keep spirits high, while some dogs sitting in a van might hit your funny bone more as a pet lover.

Whatever you decide, know you’re not limited to traditional choices for a doormat; there are so many options to choose from!

How Many Different Materials do Doormats Come in?
From polypropylene to durable coir—a coconut fiber sourced from India—finding the right doormats for an entryway, patio, or backdoor is easy with Ashley’s wide assortment. For indoor or outdoor patio mats made of polyester, acrylic, or coir, make sure you limit their exposure to rain and moisture for prolonged life. Au contraire, weather resistant mats made of polypropylene with rubber backing can actually absorb water, and are better equipped to directly handle the elements.

Your needs in each space will shape what material of doormat will work best. For a front door or mudroom doormat, for example, opt for a weather resistant and mold/mildew/fade resistant mat with raised borders to keep dirt off the floor. Form, function, and style is our priority, so browse and find what speaks to your personality!

What are Uses for Indoor/Outdoor Doormats?
There are a wealth of possibilities for indoor doormats and outdoor doormats alike. From the little ones drying off their feet after a day in the pool, to your favorite four-legged friend scraping dirt off their paws, mats are the thankless heroes in all our doorways to catch extra mud and mess from entering the house.

In the kitchen by the sink, the laundry room, or an outdoor-indoor transfer into the screened patio, ensuring you can enter a room without slipping on slick tile floors, or rainy concrete is more important than you think. Look for our certified slip-resistant mats for added safety throughout the house—it helps prevent falls from those young and old.

We’re confident you’ll find numerous uses for indoor/outdoor doormats that will come in handy when you least expect it! Shop our wide selection now.