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Frequently Asked Kids New Arrivals Questions

Kids New Arrivals

Kids grow up fast — and their needs seem to change as quickly as they shoot up in height overnight. Aside from the need for buying new clothes every school year and season, your child’s bedroom can also require some tweaking every so often, especially after they reach new milestones like getting a big kid bed or attending the first day of school. Your child’s sleeping, storage, study, and organization needs continually shift throughout their dynamic years, and Ashley has everything your children’s bedrooms need to stay on top of it all.

Kids New Bedroom Arrivals

Your child’s bedroom is a haven where they can unwind, study, and relax. The furniture within should meet these needs, supporting the child through different ages and stages. This makes each bedroom unique — from the newborn nursery to the teenager’s lounge area. As your child’s needs evolve, you can strategically upgrade furniture so that everything functions and makes sense with your current lifestyle.

Got a climber? Some sturdy new furniture for kids can soothe your concerns. Low-profile drawers have minimal tip-over risk, especially when you anchor them to the wall. This gives you peace of mind when furnishing the rooms of active, small children.

Got introverted school-age kids who love to imagine? Our tent beds make a great quiet space for endless daydreaming. Canopy beds and snuggly Papasan chairs are also wonderful nooks where your child can curl up with a book or video chat with their friends.

We also have convenient storage solutions such as nightstands and chests of drawers that are large enough to hold all your teen’s clothes. Other accents like activity tables and desks make your child’s room multifunctional and more enjoyable too.

For space-saving needs, check out our convertible chair loungers that fold back into a compact seat. Also, our fresh selection of loft and storage beds can maximize every square foot of your child’s room — a necessity if siblings are sharing a room! Fabric storage bins and toy chests also make quick work of cleanup for younger children.

Kids New Decor Arrivals

Now that you have the essentials for a functional and fun bedroom, it’s also just as important to style the room to your child’s taste. You can enhance this space in a variety of ways— from picking custom bedding to colorful wall art. Our sets of canvas wall art are picture-perfect for nurseries and beyond, complementing whatever color scheme or theme you desire. Area rugs and wall decals are also quick accents to add more personality and color to your child’s room. You’ll find plenty of fresh decor in our new arrivals in kids’ furniture, so check them out before you finish shopping!