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Frequently Asked Shelving & Accessories Questions

Shelving & Accessories by Ashley

Storage shelves and display shelves are essential components to an organized home. Ashley offers high quality, durable, and affordable storage shelving, including cube storage shelves, metal storage shelves, and plastic storage shelves. Read on to learn more about our shelving storage options.

How Much Do Storage Shelves Cost?

Storage shelves range in price depending on size, material, and brand. You will be happy to learn that the vast majority of Ashley’s storage shelving units are available at a price point below $200. Check out our many options in wood, plastic, metal, bamboo, rubber and more!

How Deep Should Storage Shelves Be?

Storage shelving, including wall display shelves, should be deep enough to safely stow items, but not so deep that the items will be obscured behind one another. A 16-inch shelf depth will offer more storage space in tight areas, but a 12-inch depth will give an appearance and feeling of more space. For example, for a garage, a 16 inch depth is ideal for storing large items and a 12 inch depth is best for smaller items.

Where Can I Buy Shelving for Storage?

Ashley carries trusted brands that are both durable and stylish, and all are excellent choices no matter what size space or room you are outfitting. Check out our variety of storage shelving options online or in person at your local Ashley store!