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Frequently Asked Wall Organizers Questions

Wall Organizers by Ashley

Add essential space to your home with a wall organizer such as key hooks and entryway storage. From a wall mail organizer to a simple key hook for wall, Ashley has the items you need to keep your house running efficiently.

Where Should I Hang Keys in My House?

Make mornings run smoother with a key wall organizer that will keep your keys reliably in one place. Pair it with a hanging wall organizer to wrangle other on-the-go essentials and ensure they do not get lost in the bustle.

Where Should Key Hooks Be Placed?

Items such as key hooks and a wall mounted organizer can be placed wherever they make the most sense! In other words, mount your wall organization system by the door that you primarily enter and exit from. If you access your car through the garage door, hang them just inside so you can quickly grab your keys and go. People without cars who leave from the front door to walk or bike would most likely benefit from placing wall organizers by the front door. Check out our laundry room storage solutions!

How Do You Mount a Key Holder?

High quality, durable, and stylish key holders from Ashley come with their own specific installation instructions. But if you are mounting a simple stick-on key holder, you will want to position it to your desired spot then press the entire unit against the surface for five seconds. Slide the key holder onto the mounting bases until they snap into place. Then use your thumb to firmly press all areas of the base for 30 seconds. Allow the adhesive to set for one hour before hanging keys on it.