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Frequently Asked Christmas Decor Questions

Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

Spread some holiday cheer when you spruce up your home with Christmas decor. Whether you want a soft twinkle of lights from an alpine tree to warm up your living room or nativity sets in your dining room to help spark joy over your holiday ham, Ashley’s got it all. Our Christmas decor is meant to motivate and delight during this cozy, loving time of year.

Not sure where to start with your Christmas decor? Check out our favorite Christmas decor ideas for your home to get plenty of inspiration.

How to Tastefully Decorate Your Home for Christmas?

If you’re looking for classy Christmas decorations that look like they belong in a magazine, you’ll want to start by choosing a theme or color palette. Many people like frosted, snow-covered, farmhouse-inspired winter decor , while others appreciate the warm gold of glitter and gold. You can even try a beach-themed Christmas setup! Whatever you do, don’t mix styles — this is an instant way to take your Christmas house decor from tasteful to cheesy.

Another tip to consider is your number of decorations. Covering every inch of your home in garland and lights could look fun, but it won’t necessarily be tasteful. Instead, try to create a centerpiece or focal point in each room, along with smaller accents, so the decor doesn’t get too overpowering. The only exception may be the room where you have your Christmas tree and stockings, as you’ll naturally have a lot going on even with just these elements.

Types of Christmas Home Decor:

There are many types of indoor and outdoor Christmas decor . Indoor Christmas decor typically involves everything from Christmas trees to rugs to wall decor. Wreaths, garlands, and floral arrangements are all things you can wrap around your stairs, hang on your door or wall, or even place on your tables.

Another cute Christmas house decor idea is to strategically place shelf decorations on your end tables, dressers, and countertops. Examples of these include nativity sets, snowmen statues, advent calendars, angels, and more.

To transition between your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations, you’ll want Christmas doormats on both the inside and outside of your front door. These let you welcome and bid adieu to guests in ho-ho-ho style.

Outside, there are plenty of decorations you can try. Christmas lights are a traditional option that you can wrap around banisters and line your trim with. But don’t forget about Christmas signs for hanging on your siding and lighted or blow-up figurines you can place in your yard.

With all of these Christmas decor design tips in mind, you’ll be ready to transform your house into Santa’s oasis!