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Frequently Asked Christmas Outdoor Decor Questions

Types of Outdoor Christmas Decorations

String lights and lighted accessories are probably the most common outdoor Christmas decorations because they’re so easy to see on a dark winter night.

Outdoor Christmas lights come in all shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose from lighted gift boxes to a lighted nativity set. All work well placed in your yard under a tree or on your front porch. If you’re feeling creative, you could create an entire winter decor scene with Santa’s sleigh, reindeer, elves, and more.

Porch boards and signs are another popular Christmas outdoor decor. These lean against your house right next to your door and often have welcoming messages and imagery. Pair these signs with a couple of nutcracker guards, and your home will look ready for cheer.

Don’t forget about Christmas doormats! These are the ultimate welcoming accessory as guests come into your home. Choose one with a witty saying, or pick a cute graphic image like a snowman or poinsettia.

When to Start Decorating Outside for Christmas

When to start decorating outside for Christmas is a heated debate, but most people consider any time after Thanksgiving to be appropriate. Many people like to wait until December 1, but others jump straight to holiday decor the day after Halloween, so it’s really up to your preferences.

It may also depend on what the weather is like in your area. If you’re in a place that starts seeing snow as early as October, it probably makes more sense to decorate the outside of your home a little earlier. After all, Christmas outdoor decor can turn the dreary and depressing gray snowscape into a magical wonderland.

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips & Tricks

Whenever you’re getting ready to hang your lighted Christmas decorations outdoors or planning to see your winter decoration ideas come to life, start from the top and work your way down. That means hitting your roof first. Make sure you have a safe ladder that reaches high enough and always bring someone along to secure the ladder as you climb.

Attach lights along your roof lines, and use clips to fasten the lights under gutters or shingles. If you have trees or shrubs, it’s also a good idea to wrap lights around them to create a magical aura. To make sure all of your outdoor Christmas decoration ideas go as planned, always use weather-resistant outdoor extension cords, and make sure you’re plugging into a GFCI-grounded outlet.

Once you’ve got the outside of your house covered, don’t forget about the inside! Bring some of that fun Christmas light indoors by using small LED lights in your dining room. Choose a battery-powered set, and place it around your Christmas table decor to give off a soft, pleasing glow while you’re cutting into your holiday ham.