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Frequently Asked Christmas Rugs Questions

Christmas area rugs offer a dynamic way to sprinkle spirit throughout your home—along with some extra cushioning and warmth.

You can coordinate the colors of Christmas rugs with your Christmas tree decorations and Christmas pillows and throws for a homey, rustic feel. Select smaller Christmas rugs to dot bright colors and cheery greetings where guests might not expect them, such as in the mudroom, the bathroom, or the kitchen.

Where to Place a Christmas Kitchen Rug

Christmas kitchen rugs have a versatile yet functional appeal. With so much holiday cooking on the menu, a Christmas kitchen rug offers the home cook a soft spot for tired feet—and perhaps some heartening encouragement for baking multiple batches of cookies.

With materials such as foam, rubber, and polyester plus skid-resistant backing, Christmas kitchen rugs also help prevent people from slipping in this well-trafficked room. Machine-washable Christmas rugs make cleanup easy, too.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, place a Christmas kitchen rug in front of the sink for any splashes of water and in front of the stove.

Christmas Area Rug Types

Christmas rugs come in a variety of sizes and clever shapes, too. Christmas doormats measuring 22 inches by 31 inches are just the right size for a standard door—and putting guests in a festive mood before they cross the threshold.

A Christmas doormat can act as an outdoor Christmas rug for an intimate conversation area when you want to enjoy your outdoor Christmas decor and hot cocoa on a starry night. Besides placing one outside the front or back door, add one to your entryway or wherever you keep your boots and coats as added protection for indoor flooring, especially in a snowy climate.

Christmas rugs with more of a runner shape, such as roughly 24 inches by about 50 inches, can make for fun Christmas bathroom rugs. Slip-resistant backings provide safety while whimsical sayings and artwork brighten up any bathroom on a cold morning.

Christmas rugs also come in round shapes or free-form designs, such as Christmas rugs resembling large poinsettias. Imagine placing one in the living room by the sofa, its red petals and deep green leaves complementing the lights on the tree or the flames from an electric fireplace. Set it between the kitchen and the dining area, and a rug like this becomes a floral arrangement for entertaining that stays vibrant all season long.