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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Tree Decor

As you enter the most wonderful time of year, with festivities ahead and loved ones to see, there's nothing that adds to the holiday spirit more than Christmas tree decorations. Christmas tree decor turns your real or artificial Christmas tree into a stunning focal piece for your home. As the lights twinkle and the ornaments sparkle, you’ll fall in love with the beauty of your uniquely decorated tree.

How to Bring Holiday Cheer With Christmas Tree Decorations?

If you're looking to bring holiday cheer into your home, Christmas tree decorations are the perfect pick. Decorating your tree is about more than turning a plain tree into an artistic masterpiece. It's also about the memories made. As you and your loved ones get together to decorate your tree, you’ll share in the warm moments that only the holidays can bring about.

As a bonus, consider adding outdoor Christmas tree decorations as well. Hanging a few ornaments and lights on the trees surrounding your home will bring an extra festive touch to your property. You can also add Christmas wreaths, garlands, and flowers throughout the interior and exterior of your home to bring your entire holiday design together.

What Are the Best Christmas Lights to Decorate Your Tree With?

If you're looking for the best Christmas lights for decorating your tree, be sure to start by browsing our online store. At Ashley Furniture, we carry beautiful Christmas lights and decorations that will match any style. White lights, red and green lights, and colorful strands are all perfect picks depending on your personal taste.

While you shop for Christmas lights, consider purchasing a few Christmas lanterns and candle holders as well. These beautiful fixtures will draw the sparkling light of Christmas throughout every room of your home.

What Are Some Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas?

If you're looking for some Christmas tree decorating ideas, we’ve got you covered. Try out one of the following design ideas as you decorate your Christmas tree this year:
  • Turn your home into an elegant winter wonderland with all-white Christmas tree decorations. String white lights alongside your white and silver ornaments for a truly classic touch.
  • Choose a color palette. If you prefer a colorful Christmas, consider picking out a couple of colors for your decorations, such as red and green, blue and silver, or purple and gold. By sticking to a few select colors, you can create a consistent theme throughout your house.
  • Make your own DIY ornaments. To add to the family memories this year, consider spending some time making your own ornaments. From baked gingerbread cookie ornaments to painted clay ornaments, there are plenty of DIY kits that will allow you to add a personal touch to your tree.