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Frequently Asked Christmas Trees Questions

Christmas trees are one of the most iconic decorations of the holiday season. Not only are the trees themselves a beautiful addition to the home, but Christmas tree decorations, in their variety of shapes, colors, and styles, add an incredible touch of festivity to the home.

This holiday season, as you shop for Christmas wreaths, garlands, and flowers, don’t forget to take a moment to focus on the main star — your Christmas tree. We are here to help with not only a quality selection of Christmas decorations and trees but also with all the info you need to make your Christmas decorating endeavors a success.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees?

When you pick out a Christmas tree, you have the option of either purchasing a living tree or buying an artificial Christmas tree. One of the best choices is an artificial tree.

Artificial Christmas trees offer numerous benefits. For starters, an artificial Christmas tree can be used year after year. This makes it a more economical choice than purchasing a living tree every year. Additionally, living trees must be watered regularly and shed needles as they die. This can be a nuisance during the busy holiday season. Artificial Christmas trees, conversely, are easy to set up and require no upkeep. They are also designed to be flame retardant, making them safer than drying living trees. Finally, for those sensitive to allergens, an artificial Christmas tree won’t trigger allergies.

What are the Types of Christmas Trees?

If you are looking for a new artificial Christmas tree, you’ll need to decide which type you want. The following are a few different types of Christmas trees, each with its own benefits and style:
  • Skinny or wide: Artificial Christmas trees are designed in numerous sizes, and one of your options will be whether you opt for a skinny tree or a wide tree. Artificial spruce trees tend to be bushier, while Kingswood fir pencil trees are thinner and taller. When picking between skinny or wide, consider your space and where you plan to place your tree.
  • White or green: Another option will be whether you want a green or white Christmas tree. Green trees are designed to mimic the coloring of a natural tree, whereas white Christmas trees feature a snow-covered look.
  • Plain or pre-lit: When you buy an artificial tree, you can either purchase a blank slate with no decor, or you can opt for a pre-lit Christmas tree. Pre-lit Christmas trees take less work to decorate as you don’t need to add strings of lights.

Where to Buy a Flocked Christmas Tree?

If you are looking for a flocked Christmas tree, be sure to browse our selection at Ashley Furniture. We carry a variety of flocked trees, each designed to mimic the beauty of freshly fallen snow. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out our outdoor Christmas decor.