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Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas Tree Decor
When you’re ready to trim up the tree, you want Christmas decor that makes your home feel warm, welcoming, and radiant. Select the Christmas tree decorations, including Christmas tree toppers, Christmas tree skirts, Christmas tree lights, and Christmas tree ornaments that speak to your style and the traditions you’ll want to enjoy for years to come.

Some people enjoy striking accents with frosted glass and goldtone or silvertone finishes. Others deck the halls and the tree with pops of red, touches of plaid, and homey appliques. No matter your taste, Ashley has a wide selection of Christmas tree decor to create a festive glow. Don’t forget the lights! We also carry energy-efficient LED lights and other enchanting incandescent strings to use as Christmas tree lights or anywhere you want a little more sparkle.

How Do You Decorate a Tree with Christmas Ornaments?
One joy of Christmas is incorporating personal style into your annual traditions. So, whether you collect an extensive display of ornaments, add a new one or two each year, or prefer a more coordinated look such as using all-glass Christmas ornaments, all-white Christmas tree decorations, or all-black Christmas tree decorations, we carry a variety of winter decor to suit your taste and needs.

How Do You Decorate a Full Christmas Tree?
One way to decorate a full Christmas tree is to use easy-to-hang sets of shatterproof Christmas tree ornaments. We carry a wide selection of Christmas tree ornaments in reflective seasonal hues such as gold, silver, white, red, green, ice blue, and metallic blue. With reflective facets and jewel-like shapes, they’re perfect for mixing and matching with different colors and themes, whether you need to fill in a bare spot or add more shimmer.

When Should You Put up Christmas Decorations?
Some etiquette experts say that the later you put up Christmas tree decorations, the fresher your decor will be. That certainly holds true for a fresh-cut tree, which might become dry and tired if you purchase it too soon.

Tree care aside, some families wait until Christmas Eve to break out any Christmas tree ornaments, while others start trimming up the tree right after Thanksgiving. Still, others love to deck the halls as soon as Halloween fades away so that they can savor the season longer before getting caught up in the holiday festivities. We say to go with whatever makes your house feel like most like home for you.