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Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas Wreaths, Garlands, and Flowers

As you deck the halls this holiday season, make sure you don’t forget to add Christmas wreaths, garlands, and flowers to your shopping list. These delightful holiday decorations add extra beauty to your home as you string up the lights and set up the tree decor .

Christmas wreaths, garlands, and flowers come in a variety of styles and sizes. From large strands of Christmas garland with lights to small Christmas wreaths perfect for hanging on each family member’s bedroom door, we have all the best Christmas decor to make your home a festive and warm place throughout the cold days of winter. As you browse our decor, make sure to check out the following tips that will help you become a Christmas decorating master.

What are the Types of Christmas Greenery?

There are numerous types of Christmas greenery that you can use to turn your home into a winter wonderland .
  • Christmas flowers: Christmas flowers are the perfect way to add an extra splash of color to your home. Poinsettias are one of the most common Christmas flowers, but we also carry rose and holly leaf arrangements and berry and branch arrangements.
  • Christmas wreaths: One of the most iconic holiday decorations, a Christmas wreath is often hung on the front door as a greeting to guests. Additional wreaths can be g hunaround the house. Christmas wreaths come in a variety of styles, including classic green pine bough wreaths, white flocked wreaths, and magnolia leaf wreaths.If you’re looking for Christmas wreath ideas, take a look at the immense amount of variety we sell.
  • Christmas garland: Garland is the perfect decoration for extending your holiday style throughout the entire home. Garland comes in a variety of designs, including pre-lit, frosted, and sparkly.

What are Tips & Tricks to Hanging Christmas Garland?

Once you have chosen your favorite style of Christmas garland, it is time to start stringing your garland throughout the house. Garland is designed to hang above doorways, windows, fireplaces, and more. As you begin hanging your garland, use the following tips and tricks to secure it into place:
  • Use temporary, easily removable hooks to string up your garland above doorways and windows.
  • Measure your space before you begin hanging, and make sure you have enough garland for the area.
  • Try to create a symmetrical look as you hang your garland. Adjust each end until they match in length.
  • Consider pairing your garland with lights, berries, and ornaments for an extra festive touch. Placing an additional decoration at the corner of your garland will provide an eye-catching design.

When is it Time to Hang Up Christmas Wreaths?

Once you have purchased your Christmas wreaths, you might wonder, "when is it time to hang my wreaths?” For some homeowners, the end of Halloween signals the season of Christmas decor. For others, they wait until after Thanksgiving has passed. The right time to hang your Christmas wreaths is entirely up to you.

As you hang your wreaths, be sure you also take some time to shop for your Artificial Christmas tree, Christmas table decor, and Christmas lanterns and candle holders.