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Frequently Asked Home Office Lighting Questions

Home Office Lighting by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
More people are working from home than ever before—so shouldn’t your home office have sufficient lighting to work at peak efficiency? In particular, desk lamps are a much-needed addition to any workspace, as they shed direct light to the task at hand. Whether you’re on a laptop or reading a blueprint, it’s integral to have the right lighting so you don’t strain your eyes.

Office ceiling lighting is also an opportunity to add illumination to your area, while integrating a touch of style. Ashley HomeStore has what you need to accessorize with bright, stylish lighting that meets form and function beautifully.

What Types of Light Fixtures are Best in a Home Office?
The last thing you want in a home office is to feel in the dark—hence why it’s better to have a combination of lighting to illuminate your work space evenly. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style—it’s still totally trendy to have a chandelier overhead for a little glam, but don’t expect that to sufficiently light the room on its own. Utilize a combination of a floor lamps and desk lamps for a blend of targeted lighting to keep you on task. You don’t want anything that will encourage you to feel sleepy or relaxed; bright lighting, accompanied by natural light from a window, is necessary for optimum efficiency in a home office.

Office Lighting Ideas
Strapped for ideas? No worries, as there are as many office lighting ideas as there are things on your to-do list! For a large distribution of light, consider floor lamps with an arc, so you can angle the light source toward you or away depending on the project, or degree of lighting needed. Also, feel free to integrate your lighting with the decor—as your office should still reflect your personality, and be a space you’re totally comfortable working in! So go ahead, get something edgy or contemporary, as long as it makes you happy. Painting an accent wall with a lamp in front can also pop off with some exciting color.

Finding that harmony of light and style will certainly make working in your home office a pleasant experience every time. For more inspiration and ideas, see how PreppyBohemianAtHome made her home office a boho paradise here!

Table Lamps vs. Desk Lamps: Why a Desk Lamp is Necessary
Although you may think your current table lamp is cutting it, think again. If you’re having trouble with lasering in on a task, it may be because the lighting of your table lamp is too dim, or not concentrated enough in the designated work area. Proper desk lamps should have lighting that works as hard as you do (or close to it, at least). Features such as an adjustable shade and neck that target light to a specified area are especially useful when reading a book or focusing on work. Generally, this differs from a table lamp, which diffuses light in a fabric shade.

That said, everyone’s preferences are different, so having a blend of desk lamps and office floor lamps can help distribute light in a balanced and stylish way.